The holiday recap...

Friday, December 28, 2007

I actually feel worse than I did yesterday so if this post doesn't make much sense please blame the copious amounts of OTC drugs I've been taking. With that disclaimer in place here is a recap of the holidays...

On Saturday R & I headed out to Memphis. We had rain for about 95% of the drive down so it kinda sucked, especially since R wouldn't let me drive. Something about rain and speeding not mixing. Who knows? I did finally get to drive about 20 miles before Memphis. We had dinner at my Mom's and she plied me with liquor which prompted me to pass out in the chair round about 10:00.

We got up around 7am Sunday morning and started cooking. Let me say that I have a new found respect for my mother seeing all the work that goes into these dinners. Jesus. My Mom is somewhat of a control freak so we usually started helping in one area and were then pushed off into another area so she could finish it. I did make my sweet potato balls with no outside interference. And they seemed to go over well as only 8 of the 33 I made survived the onslaught of our hungry family.

We finally got to shower and get ready around 11am. After which we took the dog out for her billionth run of the day. She of course ended up in the pond.

Everyone showed up and we got to eat around 2:00. Everything went really well. There was no blood shed. There were even pictures taken of my Mom and her 3 sisters. And there was a picture taken of all the grandchildren (minus the 1 that had already left and the 2 that live in Alaska). Let me just say for the record--I'm real bitter about this height thing. I was downstairs saying goodbye to my step-father's family when they started calling me upstairs. I knew what it was for and I wasn't happy about it. I'm the oldest of the grandchildren. And the shortest. The boys tower over me. And when I say tower I mean most of them are over 6'. Tall bastards. Anyway. I hate standing near them because I always hear about how short I am etc. Now I have visual proof of the unfairness of the distribution of the height gene in my family.

Everyone was gone by about 8pm except one aunt, uncle and cousin. While they are usually the last to leave--they hung out until 10:30!! We still had to open presents, which we did round about 11pm. R & I made out well. There was an Mp4 player, gift cards, CDs, a robe, and all the things we asked for.

The best moment of the whole dinner was forcing R to try coke salad. I've never seen anyone throw their hands up and start shaking over one small bite of food. Wish we had got that on camera.

We headed out about 10am Christmas Eve. We ran by Kroger on the way home to get the fixings for the sandwiches we would be having at R's sister's the next day. Let me say this--do not ever attempt a visit to a grocery store on Christmas Eve. The other shoppers would sooner kill you than be nice. Luckily I was first in line at the deli but within a minute there were about 6 people behind me in line and they were already cussing and raising a fit.

We just relaxed for the rest of the day Christmas Eve and went to R's sister's around 11am Christmas Day. We hung out watching the kids open presents, ate sandwiches and just visited for a few hours.

I was off Wednesday so I did some running around--attempted a return, went to the pet store, the pharmacy and the gas station. Then I came home and just vegged out.

I didn't have to come into work until 1pm yesterday so I tried to sleep in but this cold pretty much makes sleeping impossible.

After today I'm off until Wednesday! We have no plans for the New Year for which I am glad. I would love to just chill out and be with my girl. Maybe have a few drinks at home. If we're feeling better maybe we could do a New Year's Eve lunch at the new sushi place.

So there it is. The recap. Stay tuned for the New Year's recap which will probably go something like this: took Sudafed, Claritin, Emergenc-e, and a handful of Halls. Whined a lot. Rinse. Repeat.

Hope everyone has a happy & safe New Year!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm here. But, I'm not.

I have a cold and I'm miserable.

And I was spoiled by the past 5 1/2 days off.

Christmas was good. The entire family was there with the exception of my two uncles who live far away. It went surprisingly well. There was no family drama at all. I was very worried about how it would turn out as we haven't been getting together much since my grandparents died. There wasn't much family drama when they were around--they all seemed able to keep it in check, but once my grandparents were gone things blew up and we've kinda split into smaller groups for holiday functions. All in all it went well though.

I'm off to find more cough drops. Hopefully, I'll feel well enough tomorrow to post something with a little more depth.