Too much?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have been told that R & I have a weird relationship.

It's probably not what you're thinking.

We have actually had people express their disbelief at how nice and considerate we are to one another.

I remember a time when we were staying at a cabin with two other couples and we were in the bathroom getting ready to go out and I put toothpaste on R's toothbrush, handed it to her and then made my own. One of the other women standing in the bathroom with us just stood there with this shocked look on her face and said, "you fix each other's toothbrushes?" Is that really so shocking?

R was talking to one of her coworkers and she mentioned making my lunch. Her coworker stopped cold and said, "you make her lunch?" The woman was shocked that R makes my lunch for me. Comments like that are pretty frequent.

We're not super lovey dovey 24/7 and we can still be complete asses to one another on occasion. Ok, usually it's just me being an ass; but R has her moments too.

But, we do try to do nice things for one another; even if it's just the little things. R has a bad day so I go pick up the sushi she has been craving for days. Or R will take over Ryley duty while I chill out when I come home fried.

Is it really so weird for us to do nice things for one another?