It's me again, Internet

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yeah, I've been busy. That's a pretty standard excuse for not posting on your own blog. But, while things have been totally crazy (bought a house!) I just haven't been feeling this blog for a while now. Unfortunately, Facebook has sucked me in and the small amount of time I have for creativity has been channeled there. Not that I've really had any creativity to go around. Between the house, work and every day life I just haven't had much left to spare.

I may be back one day. Who knows? I will keep this place up as it has my handy blogroll that I use for my daily blog reading.

I'll still be reading your blogs and (hopefully) doing a better job of commenting.

Anything to say? Email can be sent to or just leave a comment.

See you around.

The very definition of awesome

Friday, May 15, 2009

Things at work have been so hectic lately that I've felt crappy pretty much every moment that I'm not at home. Home has been my solitude through all this chaos. And I have only R to thank for that.

When my day is bad she will do whatever she can to make me feel better. Take Wednesday for example. I was having a totally shitty day. R tells me mid-afternoon that she's leaving work an hour early to run an errand. She won't give me any details. However, she does show up at my office about 20 minutes later with Starbucks for me. And just like that all the tension that was causing me to bubble over retreated. I was still stressed but that one great gesture knocked my anxiety level down somewhere near manageable.

Then today she tells me she is taking a day off. I'm getting ready for work and she stumbles into the living room still half asleep and proclaims that she is going to clean the house while she is off.

And the best part??? She starts cleaning then and there!!!!!! If I had been more awake or had an ounce of grace I would have swooned.

I plan on doing something incredibly nice for her as soon as I have the brain power to think it up.

So to sum it all up my definition of awesome=R.

You're killing me

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You know it's true love when in answer to your ravings about an impossible person your partner states, "can you reasonably hide the body* until I get there?"

Its responses like those that make me realize how truly lucky I am. And how completely weird we are.
Also on a completely unrelated note and an "L Word" spoiler in case you're like me and just started watching the last season. What the fuck is up with Shane? Also, I feel somewhat let down as I was hoping there would be less actual Jenny screen time. I'm still suffering through her character and I only have like 2 episodes to watch. Can't she die already?

* in case someone actually takes the joking between two obviously demented people seriously-there is no damn body although I guess with the tone of both entries in the post I could see why someone would worry.....

Congratulations Iowa!

Friday, April 03, 2009

I am so happy for all the gays and lesbians in Iowa today! Iowa says gay marriage ban unconstitutional!

I only wish the other states would sit up and take notice. I have come to the realization that Arkansas will only allow gay marriage if it's forced to by the federal government. Sad, but probably true. But, hopefully I'll be proven wrong.

Happy gay marriage, Iowa!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So in keeping with the McDonald's theme- hypothetically speaking how bad is it if you use your Health Savings Account to make a purchase at Mickey D's? I'm thinking I could argue mental health reasons. It was either I got McDonald's or my thin hold on sanity would finally snap.

It was truly an accident; accidentally grabbed the HSA debit card instead of the regular debit card.

I could either prepare my defense of said purchase or just put the same damn amount of money back in the HSA. And since the bank is completely and totally out of my way by at least 20 minutes I'm going to be lazy and just start preparing the Mickey D's defense.

The saddest thing is this "defense" will probably be used to amuse myself and R for hours. We're weird like that.

The pain

Monday, March 09, 2009

Just because I prefer to share my misery with the world. I heard this commercial right before I walked out the door this morning and now it's on a constant loop in my brain.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

So much has been going on lately that I've been kinda MIA. Let's review the highlights of my last few weeks:

1. Found out best friend is moving to Arizona. Not in a few months but in 1 month. So we're all getting together as much as possible before the move.

2. Work, work, work, work, work.

3. I contracted some stomach virus that rendered me pretty useless for 5 days.

4. Try to play catch up for the 3 days I missed from work so of course more work, work, work on top of my usual work, work, work.

5. Taylor catches a "cold"

6. Taylor gets better. Leroy catches a "cold"

7. Leroy gets better. Grace catches a "cold"

8. work. rinse. repeat.

9. Grace is extremely sick and getting no better. Vet diagnoses her with a respiratory infection.

10. end up with a billion scratches from trying to put ointment in Grace's eyes and liquid antibiotics down her throat.

11. 3 days of antibiotics including an initial antibiotic shot AND steroid shot from vet and Grace is still very sick.

12. even more scratches from Grace.

13. Someone gets ahold of my debit card number and fraudulent charges begin appearing on account.

14. Fight with Regions. Rinse. repeat.

15. Grace is referred to an internal medicine vet.

16. Add 3 more scratches to the tally.

17. More fraudulent charges and fights with Regions.

18. cancel debit card.

19. Grace goes to specialist. She's examined and xrayed. Diagnosed with either what the vet calls "herpes" or "chlamydia." R and I are so tired (from worrying and not sleeping because we're constantly checking on Grace) we immediately become hysterical with laughter (after we found out it's easily treatable) and begin making inappropriate jokes about naughty uncles and such. Find out vet has no sense of humor.

20. R and I argue about who is going to google feline herpes and feline chlamydia at lunch.

It's been an eventful couple of weeks and a lot of this stuff is still up in the air. So things might stay sporadic around here for a while until things settle down. Or you know until I finally overcome that pesky need for sleep.