Holy shit

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can someone please explain to me how this is a good idea? I cannot fathom how someone got the balls to bring this resolution up for a vote let alone the fact that the damn school board voted unanimously to allow teachers to carry GUNS TO SCHOOL!

Wow is pretty much all I can say. Because we all know that no teacher would ever screw up and leave their gun unattended or hell even if they're carrying it on them at all times aren't they just giving some pissed off kid easy access to a gun? How hard would it be for some high school kid to overpower an adult? Not that hard.

The fact that the parents didn't object to this amazes me.

I'm pretty much speechless.


Monday, August 18, 2008

I would like to propose a new law. It involves tequila and food. Or better yet tequila and a lack of food. I think before any waiter or waitress serves someone tequila they should also inquire as to the last time that person ate. It would prevent many headaches and a whole lot of embarrassment. Although it did provide much enjoyment for me the next day when I was reminded of all the wonderful things I did & said the night before.

  • Apparently I threatened to sue Sonic for false advertising.
  • I was also extremely upset by the fact that Sonic had the instructions on how to make drinks and blasts on the outside of the drive-thru window. (they didn't)
  • I also forgot how to say cake in Spanish so instead I listed off all the ingredients in hopes that they would be able to understand what I was asking for. However, I could only remember two ingredients so instead I kept asking for milk and eggs. And since I couldn't think of how to say flour I instead kept asking for pan (aka bread).

Tequila=many laughs for the sober ones