Oh to dream!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wonder who you have to blow to get this job?


I also wonder if they would be able to understand my Southern accent?

On that note I bet the decision committee would be charmed by it. I mean it wins me major points anytime I'm near any Yankees. And all the Canadians I met while in Canada were transfixed by me anytime I spoke. I bet Australians would love it!

I'm off to plan my video or ya know fuck off some more. Whichever takes the least amount of brain power.

Day 5 con't, Day 6, Day 7 & some general ramblings

Monday, January 12, 2009

The rest of the diet was much easier for the most part. Days 5 & 6 we got steak. Day 7 we got brown rice. However, I was unable to force myself to eat anymore soup after day 4. Every time I opened the fridge and saw it I gagged a little. The diet did accomplish a few things. It made me hate soup, it made my body change how it craved food and it solidified my beliefs that fad diets are stupid.

The diet promised that I would have more energy a few days in. That didn't happen at all. Honestly by Sunday I had no energy at all. I don't know if it's diet related but by midday Sunday I was basically a lump on the couch until I fell asleep watching television around 8:30.

I haven't weighed since Saturday so I don't know what the final count is. The last count I have was a total weight loss of 9 lbs. Which is nothing to sneer at but it isn't the 17 lbs promised by the diet.

Today marks the day of what I call better eating. I know what I need to eat and I know how much is healthy so that's my new eating style. I refuse to call it a diet because diet seems so restrictive. Also diet seems short termed while this won't be. My new eating style is how I should be eating permanently not just in the short term to reach a certain number.

And for my weird rant of the day. What the fuck is up with movies these days? I never watch them because they all tend to suck. Yesterday I had no energy whatsoever so I watched a couple of the movies I had recorded. Premonition? Sucked. If it weren't for the fact that I love Julian McMahon I would have turned it off just a bit into it. Jumper? Sucked. I watched it because I kept hoping it would get better but no such luck. I also recorded 1408 but I after watching Premonition I just didn't have it in me to watch it.

So it just me or do movies just suck ass lately? Are there any good movies out there? Am I just watching the wrong ones?