Friday, November 07, 2008

Wish me luck. I have a CT scan at 1:30 to try and diagnose this pain I've had in my side since about 3 weeks post gallbladder surgery. I'm worried that the test will take place in a closed tube. I'm claustrophobic and the idea of being in that enclosed tube had me up worrying off and on most of the night.

And to top off a bad night of sleep, I started drinking the contrast about 7:30 and let me say what in the fuck do they put in that shit? Ground up sawdust with a touch of ass? Wow. I can't have anything to drink until after the CT scan. Except for one more dose of the ass flavored, I mean vanilla flavored contrast.

So that gagging noise you hear round about 10:30 will be me trying to choke this shit down. And that cackling noise will probably be my coworker and bosses laughing their asses off at the faces I will make.

So again wish me luck and a nice dose of Valium if I end up in the closed tube.