Friday, December 14, 2007

Living in Arkansas (or the South in general) means dealing with many, many different forms of insanity.

Take the current weather for example. In the past two weeks our temps have fluctuated from the 70's to the 30's. One day it will be 70 and the next 55.

Frankly, it's getting a bit old. It's a little bizarre when you can go from wearing a sweater to a short sleeved shirt in two days time.

The other thing with Arkansas is people's reaction to the weather. For instance: I am worried about facing the people who are going to flock to the stores when they hear that we have a minuscule chance of getting snow/freezing rain tomorrow. Doesn't matter that it will be too warm to stick. People hear snow/ice and they freak.

And naturally we have to go to the grocery store for the usual things plus all the makings for the cookies we will be baking Sunday morning. I think I'm going to push for a 3am grocery run. Heh. R will love that!

Having said all of the above I am very thankful that we aren't facing the weather problems that so many others have been facing the past week or so and my thoughts are with everyone who is/has been dealing with these disasters.

The Wedding

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So my 21 year old half-brother is getting married December 22nd. I think it's kind of a last minute thing as he left for basic training in August and I just got word of the upcoming nuptials in November.

Sadly, I will be unable to attend for numerous reasons. The main one being I don't want to run into my father for the first time in 21 years at my brother's wedding.

I tried to rationalize that he would not even recognize me but R pointed out that at some point it is very likely he will overhear someone introduce me as C's sister. If I could guarantee that he would not approach me I would go. However, there are no guarantees and I'm not a saint by any means. It would be hard enough being in the same room with the man but if he approached me I don't think I could hold my shit together and I really don't want to ruin my brother's wedding.

I know I should suck it up and deal with it for my brother but I honestly don't think I can. I do have to be in Memphis the morning after his wedding which is like 500 miles away. While I could fly to his wedding and then to Memphis that would leave R making a 3 hour drive to Memphis alone with the dog. Not to mention it would probably cost me around $1,000 for the flight, hotel room and rental car. All of which are valid excuses.

So why do I still feel like hell for not going?

Will wonders never cease?

Monday, December 10, 2007

So my proposed boycotting of the exchange of Christmas presents failed for the second time so R & I have been busting our asses getting shopping done.

We went shopping Saturday. And let me just say sweet Jesus people have lost their ever loving minds. I will say that this whole Christmas shopping thing just solidifies my belief that people are inherently evil. And I'm not even talking about myself this time.

Just one example: We were checking out at one store and I said that we had been unable to locate a salesperson in a particular department--was there anyone working the floor over there? Her only response--no. WTF? She didn't ask if we had found what we needed (we hadn't) nor did she offer to get someone over there.

There was a whole line of people behind us including a couple of very elderly ladies who probably wouldn't have appreciated any fit I threw. So I let it go. Yes, you heard it here first. I let it go.

The increasing number of my random acts of kindness is beginning to frighten me.

Customer service has died and I keep getting nicer. Maybe this IS the season for miracles after all!