Will wonders never cease?

Monday, December 10, 2007

So my proposed boycotting of the exchange of Christmas presents failed for the second time so R & I have been busting our asses getting shopping done.

We went shopping Saturday. And let me just say sweet Jesus people have lost their ever loving minds. I will say that this whole Christmas shopping thing just solidifies my belief that people are inherently evil. And I'm not even talking about myself this time.

Just one example: We were checking out at one store and I said that we had been unable to locate a salesperson in a particular department--was there anyone working the floor over there? Her only response--no. WTF? She didn't ask if we had found what we needed (we hadn't) nor did she offer to get someone over there.

There was a whole line of people behind us including a couple of very elderly ladies who probably wouldn't have appreciated any fit I threw. So I let it go. Yes, you heard it here first. I let it go.

The increasing number of my random acts of kindness is beginning to frighten me.

Customer service has died and I keep getting nicer. Maybe this IS the season for miracles after all!


thewishfulwriter said...

you do NOT want to get me started on customer service.

no such thing.

ESPECIALLY around the holiday season.

me loves the internet!!!

Jennifer said...

I prefer internet shopping any day. I'm just cheap and hate paying the shipping.

Though I did give in and buy something from jcp.com when I could have stopped by the mall to get it.

I'm not even thinking about going near a mall until March at the earliest and even then it would be under duress.

Rhonda said...

March? Are you kidding?? They'll still be doing Christmas returns! I'm shooting for May.

Jennifer said...

Yes, but you hate the mall as much as I do.