Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We made it through the bad weather unscathed.

Unfortunately many of our fellow Arkansans and Mid-Southerners did not.

The last count I heard was 24 dead across Arkansas, Tennessee & Kentucky.

According to this story there are 48 dead throughout Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky & Alabama.

We truly were lucky in this.

We watched the squall line get closer & closer until it was on top of us and our satellite signal went out. Even though it looked big and massive the worst part was way North of us and our portion of the storm lasted a mere five minutes and we escaped with no damage at all.

Many people were not as lucky.

Many thoughts and prayers for those around us who weren't as lucky as we were.

The craze

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I swear the older I get the more I examine myself and wonder who the hell this stranger is that is occupying my body.

This whole health/environment conscious thing has grabbed hold of me. I think I've even begun scaring R in my quest to eat/be more organic/eco-friendly.

Our tap water sucks. So when I refused to purchase individual bottles of plastic water R's eyes got big.

When I told her we were staying away from red meat as much as possible I think she twitched a little.

When I bought soy "ground beef" and soy "chorizo" I think a little part of her died when she realized I was serious.

I even made her take a vitamin Saturday. Which I swore we would take everyday (and then I promptly forgot about until just now).

I also said we were going to set a timer for 15 minutes every day. During that 15 minutes we would each clean the house.

I've also become fanatical about money. This from the person who was once so bad with money she tried to sell her plasma during her early days of college.

I also told R that we were going to get moving. Starting this week we will, at least once a week, go for a walk or do some sort of strenuous exercise.

When I think about all these things that I am very serious about implementing I can't help but wonder who I've become. A lot of these things are things I never, ever cared about. Or I said I would worry about them some other day.

I feel 30 breathing down my neck each and every day. I know that I want to be healthy and in a healthy routine by the time it gets here. I also want R and to have a long healthy life together.

But, even knowing all that the part of me that is holding on to the reckless, carefree days of my teens/early twenties keeps asking, "who the fuck is this woman and why should I listen to her?"