Monday, August 18, 2008

I would like to propose a new law. It involves tequila and food. Or better yet tequila and a lack of food. I think before any waiter or waitress serves someone tequila they should also inquire as to the last time that person ate. It would prevent many headaches and a whole lot of embarrassment. Although it did provide much enjoyment for me the next day when I was reminded of all the wonderful things I did & said the night before.

  • Apparently I threatened to sue Sonic for false advertising.
  • I was also extremely upset by the fact that Sonic had the instructions on how to make drinks and blasts on the outside of the drive-thru window. (they didn't)
  • I also forgot how to say cake in Spanish so instead I listed off all the ingredients in hopes that they would be able to understand what I was asking for. However, I could only remember two ingredients so instead I kept asking for milk and eggs. And since I couldn't think of how to say flour I instead kept asking for pan (aka bread).

Tequila=many laughs for the sober ones


Syd said...

When did Sonic start serving Tequila? [snicker]

Jennifer said...

If they did they'd get a hell of a lot more business out of me and maybe I would have let the fact that they stopped making the Hot Fudge Cake Sundae slide. But noooooooo. They had to break a drunk's heart. Fucking bastards.