100 things

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1. My girlfriend & I have been together since 2000
2. She is eight years older than I am
3. It's only obvious when she talks about music, t.v. shows, movies...
4. I'm an only child (except for a half-brother I have only met twice)
5. My mom tried to have another baby when I was 23 or so
6. It really freaked me out
7. I'm sad she wasn't successful
8. Most days I don't want children
9. Some days my ovaries scream so loud I can't concentrate
10. On these days my girlfriend threatens to take me to Chuck-E-Cheese
11. We have two cats & a dog
12. Taylor is a calico and Leroy is solid black
13. I always wanted a black cat
14. Leroy came into our lives on my birthday in 2002
15. He has never been my cat
16. In fact he will only give me love if my girlfriend isn't watching
17. Taylor used to be my cat
18. Now she belongs to whoever holds the treat bag
19. The dog is an equal opportunity lover
20. She's a chocolate lab. Enough said.
21. I am short
22. Like 4'11 & 3/4
23. The 3/4 is very important & should never be left off
24. I am very bitter about being short
25. I'm originally from Memphis
26. I like not living there anymore
27. I have a college degree
28. It really didn't open up any doors for me
29. I'm in the process of applying to a Master's program
30. I 'll have to stop working full-time to finish it
31. That terrifies me
32. Which explains why I'm dragging my feet about applying
33. I'm addicted to coffee
34. I'm also a coffee snob
35. Folger's & such makes me cringe
36. I am deathly afraid of grasshoppers
37. I truly believe they are evil spawns
38. I used to live in a town that was over-run by them
39. I have slight OCD tendencies
40. I have to turn door knobs four times to make sure they are locked
41. I can't stand for my hands or my feet to be dirty
42. I have been this way since I was a child
43. I have 3 tattoos
44. My mom recently discovered one of them a few months ago
45. I've had it for 6 years
46. I haven't seen my deadbeat dad since I was 6
47. I was raised by my mom
48. Her best friend moved in when I was 6 & we all lived together until I moved out at 18
49. They were just friends
50. It never occurred to me that people might think they were more
51. My mom remarried two months after I moved out
52. I locked myself in the bathroom & cried after the ceremony
53. I love to read
54. It irritates people how fast I read
55. I read Gone With the Wind in 2 days
56. I was 9
57. I prefer blue pens to black ones
58. Especially if they are the cheap Papermate ones
59. I have very little patience
60. Which leads to my incredible bouts of road rage
61. I came out twice.
62. I was 17 the first time
63. I was 18 the second time
64. I'm a registered Democrat
65. A lot of my family members are conservative
66. Conservative rednecks to be exact
67. This makes for interesting holidays
68. Growing up I never wanted to be a rockstar or actor
69. I wanted to be a judge
70. I tend to favor the underdog
71. It was only in the last five years or so that I learned what my natural hair color is
72. I always thought it was a dark blond
73. It's actually a dark brown
74. I like music
75. But I'm not gaga over it like most people
76. I can out drink most people I know
77. I find it hard to stop with just one drink
78. I come from a long line of alcoholics on both sides
79. I'm worried about becoming one
80. This is why I only drink every few months
81. I always, always wanted an SUV
82. My girl traded her tiny car in for a Honda Pilot this May
83. I drive it occasionally
84. I really, really prefer my little Honda Civic
85. I'm not really sure what color my eyes are
86. Sometimes they look green
87. Other times blue
88. Occasionally they look gray
89. I never took a typing class
90. Therefore, I don't know how to type in the "usual" fashion
91. I can still type 50+ words a minute
92. When I was younger I swore I would always live in the city
93. When I was 18 my mom bought a house with 5 acres in the country
94. I routinely refused to stay out there
95. Now I long for a place in the country with at least 5 acres
96. I love scary movies
97. My girl hates them
98. When she makes me mad I like to turn one on just for harassment purposes
99. I have no sense of direction or of measurement
100. I really, really want to skydive


Rhonda said...

On #40 you forgot the part where not only do you turn the knob 4 times, you also pull on it twice. Not that I notice. Or harass you over it. Or occasionally wait till you get back in the car and go, "Did you only turn it 3 times?", because that would be wrong.

Lachlan said...

Holy crap! So much of your list is ME! The living in the city but later wanting the country, being short, wanting to skydive, being a coffee snob... :)