A good one

Friday, February 01, 2008

Yesterday was a pretty damn good. Which we've needed around our house due to some crummy occurrences which include the sleet last Friday which caused a horrendous commute home and the wind Tuesday that shattered our brand new patio table.

So what's so good?

I got a bonus. Which in and of itself is awesome. But. The bonus? It's about three times bigger than I anticipated. Which is even better. Combined with the raise I got a few weeks ago? So fucking awesome I'm dancing.

Now I just have to convince R that we are not under any circumstances spending the money on an alpaca or a fainting goat.


Rhonda said...

But the fainting goats are so neat! Just think about the fun we could have with a balloon and a pin. I'm pretty sure we couldn't find any cheaper entertainment. And as a bonus we'd never have to mow the backyard again! (we'd have to shovel goat poo but I never liked our neighbors and I'm pretty sure I can toss it over the fence.) Plus it would be nice not to be the most melodramatic one in the house!

Jennifer said...

The goat would be in a perpetual coma because of Ryley. Would that really be fair to the innocent goat?

And while I am all for throwing goat poop in our neighbors' yards--I fear their retaliation.

They already get drunk and plow down our fence, or send their offspring into our house unannounced, etc.

Are these really the kind of people we want to piss off?

Rhonda said...

While I understand the risks involved I've compiled highly sensitive risk / reward chart which I think shows the only acceptable choice on the fainting goat.

Risk: The weird ass neighbors burning our house down.

Reward: Fainting Goat.

You can't argue with facts. The goat wins every time.