The battle

Friday, April 18, 2008

As if the tornado damage wasn't enough we now have the insurance company ripping us a new one.

Apparently, we do not have a replacement policy, only an actual cash value policy. Let this be a lesson--go read your homeowners policy right now. You need both.

The agent who sold us the policy said we had both. The adjuster said we didn't. Depressingly, the adjuster was right. So now they are paying us half of what they estimate it will cost to repair all of our damages.

Who the fuck knew you could depreciate the cost of labor? You can in Arkansas. Believe me I've already checked with the insurance commission. So basically they can screw us all they want and all we can do is smile and take it.

This tornado has taught me two things.

1) I'm truly blessed to have all that I have-family, shelter, insurance, etc.

2) You should have complete comprehension of you insurance policy-what is has and what it lacks.

Ok and maybe a 3rd.

3) You can add, "and there it was coming over the hill like a freight train," in a hickish accent to ANY conversation and I will laugh my ass off.