Live Blogging: The Manhunt

Sunday, April 27, 2008

8:27 p.m. The phone rings. A family friend calls to say that her husband went out to grab food and at the end of our road there is a whole slew of cops; city, county, state, etc. Apparently there is a manhunt going on. A traffic stop gone bad and the guy shot at the cop. We find out they are searching about 4 streets over. So of course we start preparing for battle. I have my baseball bat. R has her gun and her "war club."

8:39 We call R's sister who has a scanner. She starts listening as well as she doesn't live that far from us.

8:51 R's sister calls to say they've spotted him on Cypress. Which is two streets over from us. But, no that was a false alarm. Wasn't the guy.

8:59 They are still looking a few streets over from us. Apparently he tried to bust in the back door of a home in his attempt to get away from the cops. We're turning all our outside lights on.

9:07 He seems to be going away from the house now.

9:20 He's still on the run. The baseball is digging into my side. I may never go to sleep tonight.

9:39 The news just broke in. Apparently the guy drug a local cop behind his vehicle when the cop pulled him over. He's still running though. Never going to sleep.

11:35 Ryley needs to go outside. I'm so freaked out I'm convinced the guy is hiding in our backyard and Ryley will startle him and he'll hurt her. So I'm standing on the back porch with a baseball bat in one hand and a Maglite in the other.

Updated: He turned himself in this morning. Bastard. The least he could have done was turn himself in last night so I could have gotten a good night's rest. Fucker.