Comcast, why hast thou forsaken me?

Friday, June 06, 2008

We have satellite, telephone & DSL through AT&T. We've had service with them for 4 years now and I am so ready to get out from under them I want to scream. The satellite goes out if it rains or the wind blows too hard. And I hate paying for a home phone we rarely use. And to use DSL we of course have to have a phone line.

Earlier this morning I asked R to call Comcast to find out if we would get service in our area. We've always been told no before but recently our town was annexed by the town we previously lived in. A town where we had Comcast. Oh wonderful and beautiful Comcast with their digital cable and their cable modems. So she called and they said no.

My response?

"Well did you call her a cunt whore and inform her that she was crushing my hopes & dreams?"

I'm only slightly bitter. The rest of me is still off in the dream land we call being able to watch the news to see if the freaking tornado is breathing down our necks.


Maria said...

God...tornadoes...don't get me started.

Jennifer said...

I've had enough tornado drama this year to last me a lifetime.

We're still waiting on our roof to be repaired from the tornado that hit us in April. April!!

And less than a week after the second to last repairman left we had straight line winds come through and screw up some of his work!

AND our county is no longer going to repair our tornado sirens. They are just going to give out weather radios! But they don't have enough money to give one out to everyone so they'll be giving them out as they can.

And I can't even talk about how badly our insurance company screwed us when it came time to pay for the repairs. I swear I'm developing a twitch over my eye everytime I even THINK about it.

But, even saying all that, we were damn lucky compared to many people. We weren't hurt and we still have a place to live. So even with all the shit, we DO have something to be thankful for.