RIP Quincy, 1980-2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've been too busy to post as I've been mourning the loss of a dear loved one, Quincy. Quincy and I have been together all my life. We've shared joy; we've shared pain. And while I basically ignored him my whole life, good ole' Quincy was always there for me.

That is until last Wednesday night, when he decided that it would be fun to try and kill me. Or at least make me feel like I was dying. Yes, Quincy, my life-long companion attacked me early last Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, I had no idea where the attack was coming from so I ended up in the ER about 9:00 p.m. Wednesday night. What felt like chest pain was actually Quincy and his damn stones. Or to be more accurate, one of Quncy's minions (aka a gallstone) stuck in my bile duct.

I stayed in the hospital overnight and the next morning I met with a hitman (aka my surgeon). I gave the kill order that morning and by mid afternoon Quincy was no more. I was left with 23 staples, percocet, and wall paper paste (aka mashed potatoes)

There was a scare after surgery that Quincy had in fact gotten the last laugh as my bile duct wasn't flushing and my liver function was high on two tests. I was released Friday afternoon and I've been home since recuperating. Today I learned that Quincy's last attempt at causing me pain did indeed fail. My liver function is back to normal and I'm set to return to work Monday.

So here's to you Quincy; you useless organ. I hope the incinerator burned your ass very slowly.

Yours in Christ,



Syd said...

Oh no! I hear that hurts like a mother fucker. Hope you're feeling better.

Jennifer said...

The pain from the gallstone hurt so much worse than the surgery. The pain was that intense.

But, I'm 85% better and back at work. And cringing in fear in anticipation over the hospital bills.