Thursday, November 08, 2007

People wonder why I am insane. She makes me that way!

Rhonda (3:33 PM): I make it a practice not to eat things I don't recognize. " Herbes de Provence"
Rhonda (3:34 PM): wasn't he the love bug?
Jennifer (3:34 PM): No
Rhonda (3:34 PM): you sure??
Jennifer (3:34 PM): Yes
Rhonda (3:34 PM): the midget off Fantasy Island then.
Jennifer (3:34 PM): No
Rhonda (3:38 PM): you sure about the midget?
Rhonda (3:38 PM): sorry... short person.
Jennifer (3:41 PM): Yes
Rhonda (3:42 PM): So tortillas, chips, refried beans and cupcakes.
Rhonda (3:42 PM): got it.
Jennifer (3:43 PM): LOL
Jennifer (3:43 PM): and you were going to look for pico which they won't have
Rhonda (3:45 PM): pico. Tortillas, chips, refried beans, cupcakes, pico and cake. Got it.
Jennifer (3:45 PM): Yes
Rhonda (3:45 PM): cool! anything else?
Jennifer (3:46 PM): Millions of dollars
Rhonda (3:46 PM): neat! where do I get that
Jennifer (3:47 PM): I dunno
Jennifer (3:47 PM): The money fairy?
Rhonda (3:47 PM): ah. I'll leave a note under my pillow tonight
Rhonda (3:47 PM): or is it a tooth?
Rhonda (3:47 PM): the dog?
Jennifer (3:48 PM): You're going to leave a tooth under the dog??
Rhonda (3:49 PM): sure! You put a tooth under the dog and the money fairy comes and leaves you a gazillion dollars. It's true. I knew a guy that did it.
Rhonda (3:49 PM): well it was a friend of his cousin actually
Jennifer (3:50 PM): Have you been reading chain e-mails again?
Rhonda (3:51 PM): NO! They aren't chain emails. They just need to send me a check to get it out of Africa. Duh!
Jennifer (3:51 PM): I thought it was Portugal
Rhonda (3:51 PM): as a token of good faith I'm mailing them Leroy.


Maria said...

As part of a thesis project, I once recorded my entire conversations for one day.

When I listened to them, it struck me that I am not only a profoundly odd woman, but that all my friends are as well.....

It isn't so bad!

Jennifer said...

Life would be pretty boring if you couldn't be downright bizarre with those you love!