Thursday, December 06, 2007

Reading this post at Syd's made me think of some of the things I did in college.

One of my favorite memories includes a stolen 6' tall cutout of Bill Dance, a hand-written sign and an outdoor bulletin board on one of the main campus walkways.

Or the "imprint" of my face on the side, glass door of our dorm that stayed there for at least an entire semester.

Or the time a friend convinced our math teacher that I had pawned the school issued calculator.

Or the time she had one of our entire intro classes convinced I was sleeping with the professor for a good grade.

And I won't even get into the really mean things we did to one another or hell even start on the things we did while drinking.

It's a miracle we never got into real trouble. It probably helps that I look sweet and innocent.


Rhonda said...

My personal favorite was you setting her up an intervention because of her drinking when she barely drank so when she kept denying she had a problem you kept pointing out that was one of the symptoms. *sigh* You were evil.

Jennifer said...

LOL no the best part of that is the fact that years later people are still convinced she has/had a serious drinking problem.

Jennifer said...

BTW I didn't mention that one in the post b/c it makes me look really, really bad. *sigh* We were so mean back then!

Syd said...

Excellent! I'm impressed!