Grad school

Friday, December 21, 2007

I don't know why the thought of grad school terrifies me so. I'm in the process of getting my application in (after an 8 month delay). I don't know why I am dragging my feet.

I guess there could be many reasons for the terror and the procrastination.

-I'm worried that I will submit my application and they will turn me down.
-I'm worried I'm not smart enough.
-I'm worried because I've never taken a class in this subject.
-I'm worried about the thousands of dollars I am going to add to my already large student loan bill.
-I'm worried about not working full-time when it comes time for my internships (i.e. will we have enough money to pay the bills the 12 weeks I am unable to work at all or the other 9 months I am unable to work full-time)

UGH! I know I can't keep dragging my feet. My undergrad degree didn't really open any doors for me so I know I need to do something.

There's also the fact that my bosses really, really want me to go to law school. Which is funny because growing up I always, always wanted to be a lawyer. I was wearing Harvard Law t-shirts at 11.

It's scary enough deciding to go back and incur more debt and pretty much ensure I have no free time from the moment I start until graduation. But, then there's the idea that I'm scared I'm going to choose wrong.

If I go for my Masters I can get in and out in 2-3 years with a post certificate which will let me go for even more credentialing through the state. But, once I start my internships I will have to stop working full-time.

If I go for my JD it would take me four years--but I wouldn't have to stop working full-time and I would have the support of my employers.

Just from looking around it looks like there are way more opportunities for me to use the Masters than the JD as lawyers I know say the job market isn't what it used to be.

I've already taken the MAT and I won't be able to start grad school until next fall so I've thought about just taking the LSAT in the mean time but it's going to cost me over $350.00 just to take the test--that doesn't even cover any prep materials.

Damn this shit is scary. Growing up and being an adult sucks sometimes, ya know?