Random Bits

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I don't want to alarm anyone but I do believe hell has frozen over.

I put in a service call to our landlord over our thermostat (at work).

The technician showed up 20 minutes later and replaced it, no questions asked.

I almost fell over from the shock of it. Or it could have been from listening to someone on the telephone go on and on for over twenty minutes. Either way, I was lightheaded for a minute there.

I have found a name for my fear of grasshoppers! Acridophobia. Sounds official! (Well, as official as one can get by searching for grasshopper phobia via Google) Maybe now R will refrain from terrorizing me with the little bastards.

Yeah. I doubt it'll happen. But, I can always hope.


Rhonda said...

Are you sure acridophobia isn't the fear of irritating smells? I'm having a tough time thinking anyone but you is terrified of the wee beasts. They just hop around and ... .... well that's it! Okay, sure sometimes they get together with their friends eating entire fields of crops leading to famine but who hasn't had a party get a little out of control?

And most importantly does that mean I have to send your Christmas present back? Ho Ho Ho

Jennifer said...

There is true evil inside you.

I guess if you're sending that back, I guess I should send this back?

Rhonda said...

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! Okay that was just mean. If I have nightmares I'll be sure to wake your ass up!