Tuesday, November 25, 2008

$800.00 for a distributor and a coil? Its times like this I wish I was more mechanically inclined. Or you know at least understood what the fuck a distributor is.

Grace said all this talk of car trouble is bringing her down.


Syd said...

Awww, Grace. I'm sorry for your mom's misfortune. I think you should go catch her a mouse. And bring it to her bed. She'll appreciate it.

Jennifer said...

If Grace shows up anywhere near me with a mouse she and the mouse will be in a FedEx box on their way to Mississippi to live with you.

Syd said...

Angelo (dog) brought a dead chipmunk to Karlene in bed last night. Thank GOD I was still up watching trashy TV. We both screamed like girls.

But, she had to dispose of it.

Maybe you'll get just as lucky!! Go hunt, Grace!!!

Maria said...

We just spent nearly 700 smackers getting a new dash panel on our car. It was all because of a faulty high beam light that refused to shut off and kept draining the battery.

Good hell.

Jennifer said...

There's one thing my family doesn't have--a good mechanic. Makes me want to find one and adopt one. I like the one we use, but if I could get one to marry into our family we would be set! I always worry we're getting screwed due to the fact that my eyes usually glaze over when they start talking about what's wrong with my car.