Zombies? Seriously?

Friday, January 30, 2009

This article cracked me up. But, not for the reasons you think. It's all about the "Guide to the Undead" that they so thoughtfully placed in a nifty little sidebar to the left. Links include

What is a Zombie?
Zombies in English Presentation
Zombie application on Facebook

and my personal favorite article title

Zombie Pin-Ups: Where beauty eats brains

They also included wonderful videos on such topics as How to Escape a Zombie and Bush finds a new threat in zombies.

I'm not sure if their little side bar was done in jest or if they were trying to truly educate the public on the topics of zombies. Either way I think it's hilarious that they have such an informative guide on such an out there topic.

And on the whole zombie note- How about this? Pride and Prejudice plus zombies?

Silliness just seems to be ensuing when it comes to zombies lately. I guess vampires have been taking up entirely way too much spotlight as of late. Zombies want their face time too, no?