Day 2

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's lunch Day 2 and I have figured out this whole diet thing. It makes you hate food. Today all we can eat is the soup and just about any veggie we can think of. For dinner we can have a baked potato. But no fruit all day long.

This morning I swore I would vomit if I ate that soup for breakfast so I drank orange juice, coffee and green tea. Not mixed because you know that would be weird and while I do eat some weird combinations (black eyes peas & mayo), I'm not that disturbing.

I am now trying to eat soup for my lunch and I will say this- if after these 7 days if I never even SEE another bowl of soup again I will be very happy.

I will try to post again at the end of the day to say how the night went but I'm pretty sure I won't be eating soup for dinner. Currently I've been eating lunch now for 30 minutes and I've only managed to ingest about 1/4 of it.

And just as an aside, I don't generally try fad diets, I just wanted to use this one to kind of jump start our healthy eating as it was reported to be a great cleansing way to begin a healthier approach to eating. But, at this point I fucking hate food. So maybe that's the secret? Only time will tell if the laxative effect lasts into day 2. My ass hopes not.

Update 2:59 p.m.

The laxative effect also happens on day 2. Pretty much anytime you eat the soup it has a laxative effect. Dear God. R & I have pretty much agreed that we will not be eating the soup at work again.

Update 8:50 p.m.

Dinner was a baked potato and edamame. I also had some mushrooms which sounded really good in theory but really were a miss.

I am a little pissed at the animals. Ryley hates beans. Won't eat any form of them. I offered her the edamame being funny thinking she would turn her nose up at it as usual but noooooo. The fucking dog loves edamame. Taylor and Grace also love edamame. Grace kept swooping in on R and grabbing whole soybean pods. That part was a bit funny but no so much when it happened to me.

While eating dinner we started watching Snakes on a Plane. R loves hokey movies and I generally put up with them. We only watched part of the movie and I'm sure we'll finish it eventually; but I have to say I cannot believe Hollywood made this movie. I'm convinced whoever came up with the premise for this movie MUST have been high at the time. It's the only thing that makes sense.

And just to complete my rambling circle total weight loss at the end of day 2 is 7 pounds.