Day 5

Friday, January 09, 2009

Mid-day update


Orange Juice
Cup of Bran (still nasty) with skim milk


Steamed broccoli
an apple

So far today things have been great. I went to lunch late (again) and I wasn't hungry at all.

Tonight we get to have up to 20 oz of beef. I'm not as excited about it today as I was last night. Obviously this diet has turned my brain into mush.

I guess we'll see if my tune changes once we get home and put those beautiful steaks on the grill. *Just to be mean I'm thinking about telling R that I think we should skip the steaks and become vegetarians.

I really can't help the meanness. It's in my genes and has been nurtured since birth. I don't think this soup has done much for my disposition either. But only 2 1/2 days to go! Hopefully the world can survive my heightened meanness for just a bit longer.